A website is a business’s home on the internet and is a critical part of any marketing strategy. Since the internet has become the primary place for people to search for products and services, a business’s website should be optimized in a way that provides an impactful first impression to potential customers. Many business owners mistakenly think that it’s enough to just have a company website. The unfortunate truth is that a website that is not optimized could be costing the business owner more than just development and hosting fees. The website could be costing them potential customers.

What is Website Optimization?

The primary goal of website optimization is to improve performance, usability, and the likelihood that the website’s content will rank with search engines. Website optimization has evolved over time and is no longer just about making pages load fast. True website optimization now includes testing for and fixing issues related to usability, mobile usability, and even accessibility for people with disabilities. Website optimization is about applying all of today’s best practices in order to provide a more efficient user experience. If done correctly, the results could lead to happier customers and better search engine rankings.

Why is Optimization Important?

Optimization is primarily done to offer a better experience for your website visitors. It is also important because search engines, like Google, use certain “signals” in their search ranking algorithms. This means that your website is likely to rank higher if it is optimized.

Need Help Optimizing Your Site?

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